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Go Green with Paperless eStatements

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What are eStatements?

They are the same bank statements that you are used to seeing except they come to you electronically instead of by snail mail.  They contain all the same information, including check images, balances, and deposits.

Why go paperless?
  • Free service to all customers, avoid the $3.00 paper statement fee
  • Receive documents 2-3 days sooner than if delivered by mail
  • More secure with less risk of mail fraud and identity theft
  • Access your statements 24/7 with the ability to view up to 18 months of statement history
  • View and save your statements electronically; print only when needed
  • Environmentally friendly

When you register for eStatements, you will receive your statements and notices through the statements tab within online banking. You will receive an email notification when your statements or notices are ready for viewing. 

You won't miss paper statements because eStatements allow you to view, download or print an electronic version of your statement and it looks just like the paper version you received by mail.

Just login to your Glasford Bank online banking account and select the Statements tab. Don't have Online Banking?  No problem.  You can enroll in our free online banking and eStatement services by clicking here.

After you complete the eStatement enrollment process, you will receive monthly email notifications informing you when your eStatement is available online. You can then login to Online Banking to view your statements.

Enroll Today                  

  • Already Have Online Banking, you can self enroll.

    If you already have Online Banking, you can self enroll to receive estatements.  Here's how:

    1. Login to Online Banking  (enrollment not available within the mobile app)
    2. Select the Statements tab in the toolbar at the top of the screen and complete the enrollment form.
    3. Select Details to view all notices and statements available.
      (By default, all document types are selected for all accounts. You can deselect documents to unenroll from them.)
    4. Verify the email address shown.
    5. Enter a personal security phrase that is unique to you.
    6. Select click here to enable your PDF reader, and then enter the Enrollment Verification Passcode into the enrollment form. (note: the verification passcode is case sensitive) 
    7. Review and accept the user agreement terms
    8. Click Enroll Now and select OK within the enrollment confirmation window to complete the process.
  • View eStatements
    1. Login to your Glasford Bank Online Banking.
    2. Click the Statements tab, use the drop down menu to select an account.
    3. Once selected, click View, then open to view the PDF Statement. 
  • Enrolling Additional Accounts

    To enroll additional accounts go to Sign Up/Changes, place a check in front of the account you wish to enroll. 

    To enroll in additional tax forms and notices go to Sign Up/Changes, click + in front of account then place a check in front of the notice you wish to enroll. 

  • Changing your email address

    To change your email address, go to the Options tab and enter your new email in the top section. 

  • Setting Up Additional Recipients

    Additional recipients access assigned documents via a PDF login shell that arrives as an attachment on the document notification email. You create login credentials, assign documents, and edit additional recipients.
    Adding Additional Recipients
    1. On the Additional Recipients tab, select Add Additional Recipients.
    2. Assign the recipient a Username, Email Address, and Access PIN.
       • Username -The additional recipient uses this name as the logon ID when accessing the login shell. The username may not contain spaces or special characters.
       • Email Address -Document notification is delivered to this address.
       • Access PIN - Additional recipient password for the login to view the statements.  PIN Requirements: 8-25 characters, numbers and letters required
    3. Select Save.
    4. Select Assign Documents.
    5. Select the accounts or notices assigned to the additional recipient, and then click Save Settings.
    6. Select I Agree to the ESI Disclosure on behalf of your additional recipient.

    The additional recipients can only be managed by the user, if the recipient is having trouble logging in they will need to contact the user.  The bank does not have access to the additional users.