Additional Services

Safe Deposit Boxes

Rent a safe deposit box to safeguard important documents and valuable belongings. Pay a low annual fee and choose from a variety of sizes. Private rooms are available for content review.

Gift Cards

It's a perfect gift to give the person who has everything; our gift cards act as a pre-loaded credit card. Use anywhere major credit cards are accepted until the balance runs out.

Drive-Up Banking

See our friendly tellers and bank from your car. Drive-up banking is available at both of our locations.

Automatic Funds Transfer

Transfer funds electronically with AFT. Use it as an alternative to writing checks, and conveniently make or receive payments.

License Sticker Sales

Take care of two errands in one trip. You can get stickers for your license here.

Direct Debit

Make payments from your accounts electronically with direct debit. There's no need for your debit card or checkbook. Plus, funds will be deducted in real time, giving you the most up to date account history.

Direct Deposit

You don't need to memorize your account number or fill out a deposit slip with this service. Direct deposit makes it possible to receive funds electronically.

Title Work

We can help you fill out title paper work and make sure you're good to go.

Reconcilement of Accounts

Keep on top of all of your account activity with this easy to review list.

Photo Copies

Need help tracking expenses? Get photo copies of cleared checks from your account.

Cashiers Checks

Some things require only checks or cashiers checks. Take the safer route and get a cashiers check issued by Glasford Bank.

Money Orders

Make payments with confidence. This trusted payment method guarantees security to your payee because it's prepaid and won't bounce.

Bank Wire Transfers

Known as one of the most secure payment methods, wire transfer allows you to make electronic payments both domestically and internationally.

Coin Counting

Turn coins into dollars with our coin counting service. We'll save you the hassle of counting coins yourself.

T-L Rural Water District drop off center

Do two errands in one. Drop by at the bank and pay your water bill at the same time!

Tel-Star Cable drop off center

In addition to accepting water payments, we also accept your cable payments!